Escort Design Company – Part 2

This is the second article in our Escort Design series. The first article, Choosing the right escort website designer can be found here

This week we look at the communication between You (The Customer) and The Designer.

So you’ve chosen a company you would like to work with (preferably us) and now you need to get your ideas across to the designer. This sounds easier than it is. Many times during the years as a designer, my customers have given me some ideas and have done exactly what they have said and its still been wide of the mark. This is neither the fault of the customer or the designer.

We know you may not be technical, know anything about design or just simply want a website. That’s why you are paying us!

So how do I get my escort design ideas across?

Well I use a slightly different method of approaching this. I present customers with a few websites to look at. I ask them to consider colours,  text, logos and layout. I ask them to choose what they like about each site. This then starts to paint a bit of a picture for me when I start designing. Sometimes the customer doesn’t like any of them. Sometimes the customer loves all of them. Its harder when the customer doesn’t like any of them. Let me tell you.

The questions your web designer will ask you.

Domain Names (This is a unique name for your website. i.e

Do you currently own a domain name?

If yes

Are we going to use this domain name?

Does this domain name have a website at the moment?

If No

Go to 123-reg or and create an account. Then register your domain.  Its better in the long term if you register your own domain name although we are happy to help you with this.

What kind of design do you like?

Create a small list of sites you have seen that you like highlighting colours, text, layouts etc. Make notes about these sites telling us what you like about them.

What pages would you like on your site?

For example. would 3 pages cover it such as Home, Gallery, Contact Me or do you need more pages such as Fees, Reviews, Links etc

Are there any special requirements you have?

Do you want to add video? Maybe social media sharing? If you have an idea of what you would like write it down and tell us.

Do you want to edit the website yourself?

This comes down to a couple of things. Do you understand the process? Do you really want to edit the website yourself when you can pay someone to do it. If you want to have a go, you can. When we design our websites, we use some software that allows anyone from anywhere to edit a site. This is of course secure and requires a login. We can show you how to do basics such as uploading gallery images or changing text. Its quite simple when you know how.

What is your budget?

This can sometimes be a hard question to answer but its one worth asking. Its quite important that you are realistic about this so that any escort design company can try accommodate the most important requirements for you to suit your budget.

Do you have a deadline?

When do you need your site to be live and online? If you say tomorrow then maybe you need to rethink the whole idea. Again this is worth being realistic. Usually (good) web design companies have a lot of work in their current schedule so a little patience may be required. We understand the need to get up and running quickly so its worth asking us if we can do it quicker as we usually can.

See next weeks article – Costs and Upkeep of your escort website

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