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Escort Photographer

Are you looking for a local escort photographer? Finding the right person is always a challenge. Professionalism is a must but also someone that can communicate with you properly and get the best from you during the shoot. We can provide you with one of our own escort photographers or a reputable adult photographer in your area. Please get in touch for more information. Just send us a message with your name, contact number and area and we will send you a list of professionals in your area.

We understand how having a great escort photographer take your pictures can make the difference in not only your earnings, but also how you are portrayed as an escort.

With us being image specialists, we have worked hard to make great escort portfolios. We don’t just stop at taking photos, we edit photographs using photoshop and other image editing software. We really want to enhance how you look so you feel amazing when you see your pictures.

Our prices are very competitive and our photographer can work locally or nationally. Just contact us and we will give you a quote.

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Escort Agency Photographer

Do you require escort photography to do a full photoshoot for all your escorts on a regular basis? We offer shoots at your location for your entire agency. We can also provide the editing and delivery of the images and can blur faces and upload them to your site. Please contact us for more information.

Independent Escort Photograhy

We understand the need for a high quality professional escort photographer. Whether it be for your escort web design or for print projects. We can provide digital copies of the photographs or put them on a disk and post them to you. If you would like us to edit your escort photographs, we will upload them to our admin area and you can choose which ones you wish to be edited. We will then send the edited images directly to you. We also provide high quality watermarking of the images with your own name, logo or branding. Please get in touch for a quote.

Adult / Glamour Photographer

We don’t just offer an escort photographer. We do any kind of adult or glamour photography. Should this be for special occasions or events. Do you require photography for your club or maybe someones special birthday party?  We have done anything from porn shoots to glamour to swingers events. Whatever your requirement, we can provide you with an adult photographer for the event.

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  • Photo Editing / Retouching

    Most escort photos dont come to life until they have been edited. We use the latest in software and techniques to achieve great results with your photos.

    When you look at photos in major publications like lads mags etc, there is an amazing amount of editing that has been done to make them look the way they do. We can do as much or as little editing as you wish. Sometimes its just a case of adjusting colours or brightness of photos. Whatever happens the photos will be delivered to you finished.

    We will upload the shots for you to tell us which ones you want us to edit.

    What editing can we do?

    • Face Blurring
    • Tattoo Removal
    • Blemish Removal
    • Slim Filter
    • Color Enhancing
    • Photo Cropping or Resizing
    • Image Rotation
    • Background Clean Ups

    Take a look at a before and after shot example

    1. Before
    2. After