Escort SEO Guide

In this article we will explain the ins and outs of escort or adult SEO with our Free Escort SEO Guide

Firstly let me start by saying that optimising an adult related website for Google is way harder and requires more work than a non adult site. After all the majority of search engines don’t like escort or adult websites so us SEO people need to work a little harder to get your site listed higher up the rankings.

I have done my best to answer some common question relating to this minefield!!

So what will it cost?

How long is a piece of string? No really, it is hard to quote based on what you want from it and where you are based.

One SEO company charge £1000 per month if you are an escort agency based in London but yet if you are in Carlisle, it will £200 per month. Most companies will ask for at least 3 month worth of work. Why do they do this? Well it can seriously take that long to do work, monitor results then tweak then monitor and so on. In fact I would say that 6 months is more realistic as the competition can be high and there is quite a lot of work to do.

Remember most business owners want page 1 at the very least. Easier said than done. 

Who should I choose?

Well if I were in your shoes I would do the following.

  1. Choose a company from your country, They will understand the local market more than an international one as the escort business is mostly based on location. This is of course is unless they have worked internationally like us for example.
  2. Find someone you can work with, someone that regular keeps you updated. Anyone that has been in this industry long enough will know there are a lot of sharks!! Make sure they explain in understandable ways of what they can deliver.
  3. Avoid a company that promises a quick solution. This is usually done by underhand tactics and your site could disappear as quick as it got results. Google penalises adult related sites.
  4. Package deals are usually the way forward as companies are clear about the work they will do and the results you get.
  5. Avoid companies that make guarantees about the position they can offer. This is impossible, especially in this industry. Remember they might quote you a price to get your business but have overcharged someone thousands to be able to prove their work.
  6. Avoid companies offering loads of likes, backlinks, shares etc. This is classed as spam and will get your site penalised more than offer any benefit whatsoever.
  7. Choose a company that provides regular reports. This will show you they are actively monitoring your search results.
  8. Do some research. Check out other agencies positions, find out what SEO terms are used and what they mean.

If you want more information about our services, go to our Escort SEO page. We also offer a FREE SEO REPORT which will give you a full insight into your website.

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