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    We have been in the Escort business for over 10 years now and know exactly what is necessary to rank your website.

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    We are that sure we can rank your site, if we don’t deliver within 2 months then we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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    We only perform White Hat SEO techniques. No underhand SEO tactics. We deliver only ethical SEO procedures to ensure your business reputation stays in tact.

Our Escort SEO Packages

We have compiled our most popular packages to get you started. We understand you may want or need a tailored package to suit your site. We can also provide SEO on your current website. We will need to perform some analytics to see what areas need to be optimised. We will need to quote you separately for this as its a custom package. Please be aware that many sites have had back SEO performed on them which could have a detrimental effect on your current site. We will advise you of this when we analyse your site.

To get the wheels in progress, simply complete our FREE WEBSITE REPORT below or get in touch with us.

  • Escort SEO

    Ideal for Independents Escorts & Models

    • 2 Keywords
    • Monthly SEO Report
    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Google and Bing Verification
    • 1 Blog Article
    • Submission to 3 Escort Directories
    • Professionally Written Profile Text


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  • Agency SEO

    Ideal for Small Escort Agencies

    • 5 Keywords
    • On page and off page SEO
    • Optimised articles for 6 escorts
    • Monthly SEO Report
    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Google and Bing Verification
    • 1 Professionally Written Blog Article


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  • Advanced SEO

    Ideal for Large Escort Agencies

    • This is our custom SEO package for customers needing a faster more detailed SEO solution. It includes all pages / articles professionally optimised and written with unlimited escort profiles. It also includes submission to major directories. Please contact us for more information. A complete SEO option to fast track your website


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Most people are aware that Escort SEO is vital if you want to get new customers.

With so many options to choose from and so many different ways of performing escort SEO, how do you know which is the right way and who is the right Escort SEO company to choose. There are many companions offering Escort and Adult SEO services but there are also many that make promises they cant deliver.
Remember Escort SEO is different from non adult related web site SEO. Search engines don’t like escort SEO as there are many scam sites and often its a way for fraudsters to mask dodgy business dealings.

Beware of Black Hat Escort SEO

Black Hat SEO is where some companies use underhand SEO tactics to get sites listed. This type of SEO goes against search engines policies and will often end up disappearing from search results. Many people see it as a quick solution but it can end up an expensive solution as many search engines will ban the domain name from their search results.

All reputable Escort SEO companies will use White Hat SEO techniques. This involves playing by the rules and complying to the guidelines set out by major search engines. There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and the same applies to SEO. For your site to get great search engine results, it will take time and effort and hard work.

Escorts SEO Options

Content Optimisation

Content is becoming one of the most important factors of web design. Search engines are putting more importance on elements such as content and also taking into consideration the quality of each piece.

There is an art to writing content for your Escort website. Most people could write content that describes the service they offer. Search engines however, require their own version of the content. Its important to understand that every piece of content on your website needs to be translated into what the search engines see as optimised content.

We will take your content and transform it into what search engines like to see. We will make it well written, meaningful, unique and relevant to the page that it resides on.

We only use UK based professional content writers who are employed by for our Escort SEO services.

Blog Writing

People often underestimate the power of blogs in the adult market. They used to provide a great source of linking back to your main site.

For blogs to be effective, they need to be maintained and updated regularly. They also need to have entertaining and engaging content so that your customers will interact with them. The content of your escort blog must be relevant to your site.

We can provide professional blog writers who know exactly how to get the most and effective way to get visitors from your blog to your website. If you engage customers in your blog, they will most certainly pay attention to your website which in turn will boost your search engine position.

Technical Optimisation

Many website owners have no idea how their website has been built / written. There are many standards which search engines pay particular interest to. One of the most important is page speed.

Google Page Speed Insights

Read the Official Google Blog Post on Page Speed

Get Your Free SEO report which includes a Google Speed Test.

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Link / Ad Management

We know that ad campaigns are difficult to manage and track. We offer a service where we take care of all of your escort banner ads and links.

We will advise you on the best place for maximum exposure and will also let you know which ones don’t perform as they should. If one isn’t performing, we will simply remove it and put it somewhere else.

This service is just £249.00 per month not including the cost of featured adverts or paid advertising. This service is a must for highly competitive areas such as London.

With the right campaign it can help with natural link growth but will prevent you having to spend a lot of money on organic SEO.

Please contact us for more information.

Social Networking

We take social networking seriously. We know it plays a major role in natural link growth in SEO. Although many social networks won’t allow the content that we make, there are still some out there that will.

We can set up a social networking campaign for you incorporating the social networks that allow adult content. We will also provide you a place to manage them all in the one place making your campaigns easy to manage.

We can take the hassle of managing your social media campaign away. We offer a plan to make regular posts and keep them all updated. We can also use techniques that will enhance your natural link growth and make your site popular with search engines.

Our Social Networking Campaign is £249.00 per month. This includes 3 social networks with regular relevant posts. This is ideal if you would like us to get it started for you, then we can hand it over for you to maintain.

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