Choosing the right escort website designer

How do you chose the best company to work with when it comes to escort website designer?

There are a many questions you should ask yourself and this article is aimed at trying to make your decision easier!!

Part 1 – Pros or Sleaze!!

Is the company reputable?

This is a major question as there are many hit and run companies out there. Some will promise everything and deliver very little. You will usually find the ones that are doing well in search engines are serious about what they do and this would be my first sign that the company has the potential to be reputable.

Check out their work

Do you like the look of what they do? Ask to chat with one of their clients. This may not always be possible but its worth asking.

Speak to them over the phone

This will tell you if they are professional and know what they are talking about. If they come across as sleazy or asking inappropriate questions then that would tell me everything I needed to know and how seriously they take your business. They shouldn’t treat you any differently if you were asking for a car website.

Ask about their payment terms

Do you pay upfront or when everything is complete? Every escort website designer should be straight forward. You pay 50% up front and the rest when you are completely satisfied. Most reputable companies offer this form of payment. Remember though that us web designers have to make a living too and if we didn’t charge anything until the end of the job, we would end up with many websites we haven’t been paid for. I suppose it boils down to a fair system for all.

Support or See you later?

Problems with websites can happen without the web guys knowing about it. Most pros (like us) have something in place that alerts us when it goes wrong. You need to know that your site will be maintained once you have paid for it. With some companies, they may charge you a small fee each year to look after things. We don’t charge anything for this….Just saying.

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